EP.51- Intuition Q & A: Natalie answers your Spiritual & Intuitive Questions

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This episode is dedicated to answering your questions that you’ve been submitting to Natalie.

These questions cover a wide range of spirit topics to help you grow, develop and trust your intuitive gifts. We are taking a short summer break for two weeks, so this will be the last episode until we come back on Wednesday 4th September.

 Some of the questions answered in the episode:

  • What does Spirit have to share on experiencing grief after death?

  • How do I work out what my gifts are?

  • Are antidepressants stopping me from connecting to my Intuition?

  • Am I manifesting my signs?

  • How can we work with Spirit to be creative?

  • How do you distinguish the difference between your Guides and your Ancestors?

 Plus other questions! Enjoy listening to these insightful, deep and informative questions from other listeners around the world.

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This week we’re joined by intuitive tarot teacher, writer and founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul, Lindsay Mack. We haven’t had an episode on the podcast about the tarot and Lindsay is the perfect guest to have this conversation. She shares her wisdom, thoughts and personal journey on how you can connect and work with the Tarot in your everyday life.

 Natalie & Lindsay also discuss what they’re both currently energetically experiencing with social media, how they share their work and what their soul is asking them to question.

 If you know nothing about the Tarot or are a professional reader you’ll get something from listening to this episode. Enjoy listening to the episode!

 In this episode they talk about:

  • Lindsay’s calling to work with the Tarot

  • Tarot as a healing tool for the present moment

  • Using social media to learn from intuitive teachers

  • The changing energy of sharing on social media

  • What Lindsay & Natalie are questioning right now

  • The Tarot and working with our ancestors

  • The calling to step away from one on ones

  • How to start reading the Tarot

  • Natalie shares messages with Lindsay

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In this episode Natalie shares insight and a channelled message from Spirit on the energy for August 2019. The last few months and eclipse season has been a time of deep healing, wake up calls and soul searching for many of us. This month’s energy is a time to process what we’ve been experiencing and learning.This channelled message from Spirit will help you to navigate the energy and themes for the month ahead.

 The theme for this month is “REFLECT. RENEW. RECALIBRATE.”

 In this episode Natalie discusses:

  • A recap on the July 2019 Energy Theme: The Tide Turns

  • What “REFLECT. RENEW. RECALIBRATE” means and what we’re being asked to look at this month

  • How we can navigate the month ahead

  • An Upgrade Mantra for the month

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This week we’re joined by award winning yoga instructor, body positivity advocate, and author of 'Every Body Yoga.' Jessamyn Stanley. This conversation covers so many amazing topics. From body positivity and yoga as a spiritual/intuitive practice. To discussing the importance for the wellness/yoga community to become more diverse, safe and accessible for everyone.

 Jessamyn shares her wealth of knowledge on yoga, her journey so far and her mission to make yoga accessible for everyone across the world.

 If yoga isn’t your jam this is still a must listen episode! Jessamyn inspires us to connect with our bodies and find the power within . Enjoy listening to the episode!

 In this episode they talk about:

  •  Body image, and diversity in the wellness world

  • What does a safe wellness space look like?

  • Yoga as a Spiritual/Intuitive practice

  • Jessamyn’s spiritual reactivation moments

  • How to intuitively discover your style of yoga & practice

  • The need to change accessibility & representation in the yoga world

  • Why she created Underbelly Yoga and the future of the platform

  • Creating body confidence

  • Yoga for social change

  • Advice if you want to start a yoga practice

  • Natalie shares messages with Jessamyn

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Natalie has been receiving so much channelled guidance and messages around the theme of “PORTALS” over the last month, she decided to dedicate a whole episode to them. What is a portal? What is a negative energy portal? Where can we find portals in the world around us? Are they real? Why does the theme of portals continually show up in our movies, tv shows and books?

If you enjoy shows/movies such as Stranger Things, the OA, Dark, Harry Potter ( to name a few) you should listen to this episode. If you’re fascinated by the history of sacred sites like the Pyramids/Stonehenge you should have a listen.

If portals intrigue you and you want to know more- this is a must listen to episode!

In this episode Natalie shares:

  • Answers to spiritual questions from listeners, including a question on ancestral healing and how to integrate your energy after guided meditations

  • What is a portal?

  • Experiencing portals during the Eclipse season

  • Why do portals show up in our movies, TV shows, books & art?

  • Are portals real?

  • Portals in the natural world

  • Portals in ancient sites

  • Portals in our everyday life

  • Natalie’s negative portal experiences

  • How to open and close portals

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This week is a special episode about how to “Heal Your Ancestor Story.” During Natalie’s one on one client sessions channeling Spirit it kept coming up that the themes, blocks and patterns they were experiencing were connected to their ancestors and family. These don’t have to just be from our ancestors hundreds of years ago but our family story from our parents, grandparents and great parents. We carry the trauma, emotions and pain from those who came before us. And these themes can be passed on from generation to generation without us even realising.  

This episode talks about what an Ancestor story is, what we might be carrying from them and  how we can begin the healing process. In the episode Natalie shares what led her to go and look at her own ancestor story, what her ancestor story is and the practices led by Spirit she used to start the healing.

In this episode Natalie shares:

  •  Acknowledging the crimes of our ancestral lineage as a white privileged woman

  • The importance of knowing the indigenous land where you live/were born

  • What is an Ancestor Story?

  • What Spirit shares on our Ancestor stories

  • How can we heal our stories?

  • How we don’t have to know our ancestors or family to start the healing

  • Natalie’s journey to discover her Ancestor Story

  • How these stories have played out in her life

  • How the story impacted her relationships

  • The practices/tools and techniques she used during this healing

  • Finishing off your Ancestor’s life journey

  • Why she has created the Heal Your Ancestor Story online offering

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